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Services What we offer

Want to connect to maximum consumers? We help you with a mobile app or a website!
Want an Enterprise solution? No problem, we will help you with a desktop application!
Want to promote your brand? Well, choose a marketing strategy!
Want to refurbish your brand? Well, choose a designing package!
All we need from you is an idea, 'coz we are here to deliver!

    Mobile Apps

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • Windows 8 apps


  • Development
  • Designing
  • Facebook Pages and Apps


  • Branding
  • Illustrations
  • Packaging
  • UX/UI Designing


  • Digital Media Marketing
  • Print Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

About The Work-force


LogicFlux is a creative collaboration of young aspirants, all of them being students, who want to learn and grow big in their field, while excelling in their academic endeavour too.

The Team:

CEO / Founder

He believes in being a leader rather than a boss, hence he also works along with the team in all possible ways; shifting roles from development on Windows phone to managing clients. B-)

Android Developer

A young, dynamic and a quick-learner, she is onto an app as soon as the client says a yes and also contributes in the app ideas. :)

iOS Developer

A quick learner, he has already been working around, trying different apple products and developing a passion for iOS. :D

Blackberry Developer

These guys are hard to find, but this developer looks forward to moving onto BB 10 platform. Just hopes people start spending Rs. 43,000 on smartphones. ;)


A young, talented and a quick learner; she has a great learning curve. Currently doing her bachelors in fashion designing, she has a knack for branding and illustrations and is very passionate about her work. ^_^

Business Development Officer

This chap always engrosses the client in his talks and never returns without a deal. Already handling a family business, this guy really drives the sales. =)


Having extremely huge vocabulary bank, she is never out of words to express ideas and thoughts. :p

Support Team

Apart from all these who are part of the main work-force; friends, family and well wishers form the support team that drives us, motivates us and helps us too. They are our work-force too :)

Skills: (Based on inputs from clients)

  • Knowledge 75%

  • Co-ordination 85%

  • Intelligence 100%

  • Wisdom 75%

  • Deadline-Driven 90%

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Main Office: Mumbai - 400067. India.

Sales Contact: